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English - Diary entry lesson 3

Our English lesson today is based on identifying features of diary entries.


Follow the instructions from the video- remembering to pause and complete the activities when asked to. Use the 'next activity' or green dots at the bottom of the page to navigate through.


Remember to add to your magpie page as you watch the video.


Below you will find a link to a printable version of the slides.


After completing your task - resume the video for feedback to self mark and edit your work before uploading on seesaw.


If you have any questions or technical issues, send us a message wither via email or on seesaw.


This week, your spellings lend themselves very well to writing a letter to a super hero - it doesn't have to be Superman! See if you can use all 8 of your ible suffix words and two of your own spellings. Remember to underline your spellings as you include them.





Today you will be counting up to find the difference between two prices.


1. Read through the learning reminders. We are given a budget of £100 so this must be our total. We can buy two items but we also need to find out how much change we would get. We first need to work how how much we spend altogether so that we can find out will we will be due in change.

2. Choose your challenge.

Bit Stuck: Choose one of the hats shown and work out how much change you would get from £5. 

Mild: For each of the items, how much change would you get from £100.

Hotter: Find out the difference between the online price and the price in store.

Mark your answers.

3. Complete the check your understanding questions.

Foundation - Outdoor Learning

The focus for our Outdoor Learning is expressing ourselves. This could be through art, drama, craft, dance using the outside world as our stimulus. Can you design a new critter to live in a habitat in your outdoor space? Could you devise a ceremonial dance (like the Haka) to welcome guests to your garden? Does something outside inspire you to pick up your colouring pencils / paint? Have you ever made a tree face using play dough or clay?  

Remember to let us know what you have been up to using seesaw.