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Today we would like you to have a go at the challenges on the BBC Bitesize Daily Lesson webpage.The link has been attached for you below.

Alternatively, the challenges have also been uploaded as a PDF document should you prefer to use this. Remember, you can write your answers directly into your exercise books rather than print out the sheets. 

Don't forget you can check your answers with the answer sheet provided. 


For those of you wanting more of a challenge that is linked specifically to fractions, have a go at the extension sheet provided - they do get rather difficult though! 


Well done for all your hard work this week. 



In this lesson, we are going to use all that we have learnt this week to plan and write a character description on a superhero.


The lesson isn't taught by Mr Mac today, instead he has been replaced with a very interesting looking superhero!


The lesson today will begin with a spelling test on words with the prefix -re, -dis and -mis. After this, you will be introduced to the word of the day.


Then the focus is on planning your own superhero description! Enjoy!




Today we would like you to complete the comprehension activity below on Captain Tom Moore. You will remember that he was former British Officer known for his incredible charity fundraising efforts in the lead up to his 100th birthday.