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Today we will be looking at solving worded money problems! 


Using the knowledge gathered over the lessons from this week, you are now going to begin to sharpen your skills at identifying the important pieces of information in a worded question and which mathematical operation needs to be used. 


If needed, revisit your previous lessons to refresh your minds and when you are ready, have a go at completing the worksheet below (named 'Worded Money Problems'). 

There are three different challenges available so choose one you think would give you an appropriate challenge - remember, if the challenge you choose is too difficult or too easy, you do not need to finish the sheet before changing to a new sheet!


Don't forget to check how you got on by marking your work! 


Extension: £10 Profit?

Still image for this video
For your extension today, watch the video above.
Does this really work? Can you explain why/why not?


Today is the final lesson of this unit which means you will be using what you have learnt to write a set of instructions.


Once you have complete the quiz there will be a short spelling test of the 'ou' words you have been learning all week. How will you do?


Read Mr McGarry's brilliant Cobot plan and instructions then it is your turn to write the instructions for using a brand new Digital Key Worker of your own invention.


Your Friday challenge is to redesign the cover of your book! Your cover must have:

  • The book's title and author (on the spine as well as the front cover)
  • An illustration that represents an important part of the story
  • A blurb (You could use your summary from yesterday here as long as it doesn't give away the book's ending)
  • Other details to make it more realistic such as a bar code, and price


We hope you enjoy this lesson!