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Your spelling test will happen during your English lesson video. Remember to ask someone at home to test you on your two extra words which you have chosen to make your spelling list up to 10.

If you got some spellings wrong, identify where these are wrong to help you next time. These will be the first spellings on your list for next week.


In your lesson today, you will be writing your character description using all your skills from the week.


1) Complete the ''Introductory Quiz'


2) Watch the video clip. Firstly, there is your spelling test.  Follow the video carefully and actively take part in the lesson by pausing the video to record your own ideas and create your own character description plan. Try using the four paragraph structure from the WAGOLL.  


3) Using you plan and Magpie Page, write your first draft of your own character description. Refer back to the Success Criteria as you are writing. There are additional resources in the side show (4th green dot) if you would like to refer to them.


4) Resume the video. Review your piece of writing and highlight the areas from your success criteria. Edit in any further details as required. 






Today we would like you to use your volume skills from this week on a MyMaths activity. 


1. Find the volume of the shapes shown.

2. Put the containers in order of their capacity.


You may wish to complete the lesson first before the homework.


Remember to save your work correctly.

Outdoor Learning

This week the focus of Outdoor Learning is maths! Either choose an activity from the document below or create your own. Perhaps you could find some natural resources to create some maths sums / equations with. Maybe small sticks could represent ones, stones could represent tens and leaves for hundreds? Set your natural number system out with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions.

Can you find a stick which is a metre long without measuring it?

Can you find a stone that weighs 100g? An apple usually weighs between 70g and 100g.

Can you find a flower which has an odd number of petals?