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Today you will be looking at the different nets of 3D shapes! 


The PowerPoint will introduce you to what nets are, so have a look through that first! 


Below you will find your worksheet - however this could be completed directly into your exercise book by writing the name of the 3D shape and sketching the net.


To help you complete this sheet, there are also printable nets attached (one document has one net per page while the other document has the same nets but all on one A4 page to reduce printing). Again, if you are confident/can easily visualise what shape the nets make, you don't need to print or use nets to help at all!

If you do not have a printer but need the nets to help, ask your adult to roughly draw the net on a page in your exercise book for you to cut out and fold. 


There are some extension questions for those of you who have been enjoying the extra challenge!


Today you can write a non-chronological report on a topic of your choice! Some ideas include:

- Your favourite sport/team

- An endangered animal

- Favourite film/series e.g. Harry Potter

- A place e.g Chelmsford


You will need to know a lot about your chosen topic and/or be prepared to do some research. Think carefully about the subheadings you will need and use the template below to help structure your writing. Remember to include some amazing 'Did you know?' facts to teach us something new!


This week our focus is on 'Homophones and Near Homophones'


Today you can choose the activity you would like to complete, so what will it be - A or B?