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Seesaw reminder.

If you haven't managed to log on to seesaw, please do so this week. We would like to see a minimum of two posts from you this week, please. 


If you are having trouble logging in or have lost your log in details (sent via email to parents) please let your class teacher know so we can contact the office and have these resent.


Foundation - Art.      Bonus draw with Rob session.

Today there is a bonus draw with Rob session at 9am. There will also be details of a competition which is being launched by Rob Biddulph. If you would like to enter, you must make sure you have permission from a grown up at home! Happy drawing!!


It is time to test yourself on your 10 chosen spellings. Ask someone at home to read aloud your spellings whilst you write them down.

Once you are finished, self mark your words.  Remember to check each letter in turn.

If you got some spellings wrong, identify where these are wrong to help you next time. These will be the first spellings on your list for next week.


Today we are continuing with persuasion and combining it with letter writing - persuasive letters.

1) Read 'Letter to the Editor'.  How would you summarise this letter in one headline sentence? What can you tell about the writer from the letter?


2) Use 'Annotation Prompt' and highlight the features of letter. Remember to include a key for your different colours.  The areas identified make up your success criteria for a persuasive letter.


2) Read 'Schools Should.' Which of these ideas do you agree with? Which do you disagree with? Why?  Choose one of these topics to write about. Using the 'Talk Planner' task sheet, note down some brief ideas.  Remember to keep your notes brief and simple - they do not need to be whole sentences, just your ideas.  Whilst planning, make sure you have included all the features identified in the 'Letter to the Editor' text.  Think about who you are writing to and what you want to happen as a result of your letter.


3) Read the example about 'Cooking Lessons' and then write in the same style.Write a letter about one of the ideas from 'Schools Should'. 


Have you used persuasive features?

Have you chosen your vocabulary for effect?

Does your  letter have an introductory and concluding paragraph?

Have you considered your level of formality?

Have you explained your points fully and supported with facts or evidence?

Have you included a rhetorical question to make your reader think?

Did you demonstrate your understanding your clauses skills?

Reading for pleasure

To change things up a bit for reading for pleasure this week, we would like you to read a recipe and help with some cooking at home (obviously with adult support). Lots of you have been busy helping in the kitchen, so we thought we could make a feature of it. Remember to pop a photograph of your recipe and finished food items on your Seesaw page. smiley


You have been working really hard on your length conversions this week so we would now like to see what you can do. Complete the MyMaths set (you may wish to do the lesson as well as the homework, it depends on your level of confidence). Convert between mm, cm and m. 




Foundation - D.T. Cooking

Either this afternoon, or over the weekend, try to help a grown up with some cooking at home. Either something sweet or savory. A single portion or enough for the whole family. IT is up to you and your family.   Make sure you check you have all the ingredients you need before you begin.

Can you:

Use your reading skills to follow a recipe?

Use your measurement skills to weigh out ingredients on the scales?

Use your knowledge of time skills to calculate when to take the item out of the oven?

Can you use your ratio skills to either scale up or scale down to the right number of portions?


Remember to take a picture of your cooking and send it to us on see-saw.  We would love to see your creative skills!  Add a note to tell us how it tasted and if you would change anything next time. Can you identify which skills you have developed whilst cooking?