The Tyrrells School

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Maths - Times Table Rock Star Battle!

Today you have been challenged to another Times Table Rock Star Battle between each of the classes in Year 5 and Year 4. 

Last time, both Year 4 classes had higher scores than each of the Year 5 classes!! 

Can your class apply their times table knowledge to be the ultimate times tables stars? 

Is there a Year 5 class that can score more points than the Year 4 classes?! 


Come on munchkins, you can do this! We all have to work together to contribute to our class totals!!


Your battle is only active today. It commences at 08:30 and concludes at 16:30.  



Look at the three different pictures showing different school uniforms. Write down some notes or have a discussion with your grown up about which school uniform is your favourite and why? 

Then have a read through of the revision cards to remind yourself why commas are so important. Read through the Commas in Lists sentences and add in commas where they are needed. 

Finally, we would like you to come up with some ideas of how you could re-design the Tyrrells School uniform.  Use commas in your writing to write lists within sentences. The learning pack also has some other ideas of what to put in your writing. 

Reading for pleasure

It's the end of the week and time to chill with some reading of your choice. Today, either spend some time reading something which you enjoy - this could be (but not limited to)  a book, magazine, newspaper, recipe or non-fiction text online.


Alternatively, tune into David Walliams on the web link below to listen to his free audio book each day at 11am. Download it and listen to it wherever you feel comfortable and relaxed.  The website now has a link to previous stories - in case you missed them over Easter.  You will find the link on the left hand side of the website, or follow the web link below.


Foundation - Outdoor Learning

This afternoon, choose one (or more) of the outdoor learning activities from the links below. 

You will find additional information (such as how to adapt the activity for indoors) by following the hyperlinks within the document.


The documents contain Early Years, Lower Primary and Upper Primary tasks.  You can either scroll down to find the Upper Junior tasks - or if you spot something else you would like to do, go for it!!


This week there are two different sets of activities to choose from - either Easter and New Life or Green Fingers!  Remember ti up load a picture to Seesaw so we can see what you have been up to.  Enjoy!!