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This week in English, we are going to revise the grammar and punctuation that we have learnt in Year 6.

On Friday, we will do a Reading Comprehension lesson.


If you have access to the internet, read the information and watch the video clips on the website then choose which activities to complete (I would expect that you have time to complete two of the activities).


If you do not have access to the internet during your home-learning sessions, please ask your parents if they could print the information on the website and then complete the worksheet during your session.

Monday - Using Bullet Points


Click the link to learn about bullet points:

Tuesday - Paragraphs


Click the link to learn about using paragraphs:

Wednesday - Hyphens


Click the link to learn about hyphens:

Thursday - Relative Clauses


Click the link to learn about relative clauses:

Friday - Reading Comprehension


Listen to the extracts from 'How to be a Cat' at: 

Choose an activity to complete