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For Maths today, you will be recapping using a number line for subtraction by partitioning the second number and subtracting in jumps of 1, 10 or 100. 

Have a look back over the PowerPoint to refresh your memory and choose a suitable challenge! For those of you who have completed the 'C' column earlier in the week, there is an extra 'D' column to challenge you! 

Please do not go onto the 'adding to find the difference' section today!


Feel free to print the squared paper below or use your Maths Homework books to complete the work.


We have been looking at re-writing an Egyptian themed Goldilocks story! Whilst you wait for your plans to be emailed ready to start writing tomorrow, can you retell your story verbally to one of your adults?


Your plans should be with you by the end of the day, if they are not - please email on to let me know! 


In computing, we have been looking at Word and the different features in order to create an eye-catching Ancient Egypt poster. 

Today you are going to explore the features found on PowerPoint to help us prepare to create a short presentation on Tutankhamun - can you note any similarities or differences between Word and PowerPoint?


Last lesson, we looked at the different features of an Anglican church. One of these features was stained-glass windows. 

Today we would like you to colour your own stained-glass window before designing your own!