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Day 4 2017

Dear All,

We have had another glorious, sunny, T-shirt wearing day, filled with yet more challenging activities. The children's thoughts are beginning to turn to home and they are very much looking forward to seeing you all and sleeping in their own beds! 

The packing this evening has begun; we apologise in advance if you do not become reunited with the correct washing pile. They have tried their best! You will be able to tell how much fun they have had from the slightly damp and smelly washing they will bring home to you!

We cannot believe that it is already Thursday, the week has flown by. Your children have been amazing and really made the most of the experience. Currently they are enjoying a sing-song round the fire while tucking in to their purchases.

All that is left to say is that you need to prepare yourselves to give lots of cuddles and be ready to listen to some amazing stories about their inspiring achievements.

Love from Mrs Milner, Mr Viner & Year 6 Xx 

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