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Day 2 2017

Dear All,

We have had a lovely day today with the sun shining all morning. As last night was our first night here, we had some over excited dorms who took some time to get to sleep! We also had some rather eager rooms who woke up at 6am this morning and then had over an hour to wait for breakfast! I don't think that we will have the same prolems tonight and tomorrow as there are some very tired faces around! Nathan woke up to balloons and a Happy Birthday banner on his door this morning as he turned 11 today!


We set all the children a goal of 'Aiming Higher' on Monday and they have all risen to this challenge in true Tyrrells style! They have all strived to achieve their individual goals in each activity with the support and encouragement of their day group. In fact, many of the PGL activity leaders have commented on the children's fantastic team spirit and excellent manners today so we are all feeling very proud of our Year 6s! Don't forget that we only add a sample of the photos here but they will all be available to the children when we get back. 


Everyone is eating really well, the food is as plentiful as ever and the children really work up an appetite with the many physical activities. The cooked breakfast this morning was very popular and some children had that followed by toast and cereal. Dinner was a choice of chicken nuggets and chips or pork and vegetable Chow Mein. This was finished off with a slice of Nathan's chocolate Birthday cake for dessert! 


The children are currently running around the site playing Ambush and trying to hide/seek as a group of 15. I've just been passed by a group of boys who tell me it's all getting very tense! They seem to be having great fun hiding in bushes and trees around the site, getting ready to take another group by surprise! 


Though the children are having a good time, they are missing everyone from home too. 


Love from Mrs Clark and Year 6


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