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Day 1 2018



Both classes had a very easy and traffic free journey to PGL. The children all behaved very well on the coaches although there were many times they asked 'Are we there yet?'. The children have all unpacked and settled into their dorms nicely. We have two great 'Groupies' called Finn and Kate who are looking after the children and keeping them entertained.  


The children have all eaten a hearty dinner tonight where sausage and mash was one of the options on the menu along with salad bowls and soup of the day. The highlight for most, however, was the dessert of sugary jam doughnuts.


The children are now taking part in a class vs.class game of Ambush in the dark. I am sitting in the main house, keeping my eyes peeled for the children who have to move silently in the dark as an entire class! We will be heading back up to the dorms at about 9pm and are hoping to have everyone asleep before 10.30 - I will let you know tomorrow if this has been achieved! 


Love from Mrs Clark & Year 6 


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